Live Video Travel Tours for Destination Marketing

LIVE Video Travel Tours

Tourism organizations at the country, state, and city level can take advantage of Georama’s live virtual travel tours solution to market their destinations to large audiences via a new medium. Georama’s tours revolutionize destination marketing by allowing prospective travelers to get an authentic sense of what it would be like to visit a destination. Travel guides or influencers equipped with a smartphone, wearable camera, or 360˚ camera and our technology can live stream their point of view in HD to viewers anywhere in the world giving them a preview of their future trip.


Viewers can ask questions and make suggestions in real-time to engage and control the experience – taking travel inspiration to new heights. Tourism organizations benefit from increased inspiration and excitement around their destinations, thereby directly impacting visitation. The byproduct of these live tours is the creation of a unique recorded video library of content that can be leveraged for additional marketing.

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