Video Insights in Real Time

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What We Do

Georama enables organizations to gather or provide video insights from smartphones or smart glasses anywhere in the world in real-time.

customer insights

Customer Insights

Georama's customer insights platform enables brands and agencies to generate deeper in-the-moment insights globally for areas including customer experience, shopper insights, and ethnography, in a fraction of the time and money.

location insights

Location Insights

Georama's location insights platform enables education, hospitality, and industrial organizations to give their customers, partners, or internal stakeholders a personalized live video tour of any location when a physical visit is not feasible.

Technology Overview

Live Mobile Video

georama technology overview

Platform Features

Live HD Video

Live high definition video for a great viewing experience along with automatic recording for video on demand

Unmatched Reliability

Unmatched reliability by boosting or combining cellular and/or Wi-Fi networks simultaneously to aggregate bandwidth

Low Latency

Low-latency live streaming in one-to-many applications in order to enable true real time interaction

Real-time Interaction

Viewers engage in real-time via comments, questions, and more for a personalized experience

Cross Platform

Viewable across all devices – computers, tablets, smartphones, and even large screen monitors/TVs

Stabilized Video

Gyroscope stabilized video to facilitate a smooth and steady viewing experience

Customer Insights

Complete Solution

Complete solution to remotely conduct, monitor, and analyze video research

Research Automation

Setup sophisticated automation to conduct multiple video sessions over time

AI Analysis

View advanced analysis of audio & video through powerful artificial intelligence

Location Insights

Seamless Integration

Integrate the experience into your website with a simple copy/paste of an embed code

Data & Reports

Capture viewer data and additional info via custom forms, and view robust reports

Customized Features

Pick the right features for you from scheduling, polls/surveys, notes/annotations, & more

How It Works