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Vicki Winters Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort
New York 10 min tour
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Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort

New York

5AM in Krabi, Thailand. I'm wiping the sleep, and the past 2 days of eye makeup and mascara out of my weary eyes. After a few hours of peaceful rest, the jet lag got to me. It was just as the sun was starting to rise in the cloudless sky over the Andaman Sea. The orange and yellow hues of the sun, mixed with the blues and greens of the Andaman Sea sparkled in the new day. Both owned and managed only by women, Tubkaek Beach Resort on Tubkaak Beach in Krabi promises to transport our guests to an enchanted world of beauty and comfort. Apartments, Jacuzzi and Pool Villas are located in a dreamscape tropical garden, right on Tubkaak Beach, with panoramic views across the horizon of the Andaman Sea around Krabi. All hotel rooms are spacious and tastefully furnished to the highest international standards. The resort is spacious and covers an area of more than 15.000 sqm, but has only 79 rooms, which usually baffles the first time visitor. Enjoy a beautiful design hotel made in Thai traditions, mixed with Morrocan and Indian elements.