Give a Personalized Video Tour of Any Location in Real Time

Location Insights

Georama's technology has made it possible to remotely visit any location in the world in real-time. When people can’t physically go somewhere due to logistical or financial reasons, Georama’s technology can help take them there virtually through live mobile video, thereby still giving them a good understanding of that location. Georama's location insights platform can be used for various types of location tours, helping organizations give their customers, partners, or internal stakeholders a live, authentic, and personalized video tour of any location when a physical visit is not feasible. Users can leverage Georama's enterprise app on their smartphone to broadcast their perspective LIVE in reliable HD quality while walking around freely indoors or outdoors, even in poor network conditions. Viewers can watch from anywhere on their computers, tablets, or mobile devices and interact in real-time to ask questions and control what they want to see, making it a personalized experience almost like they were there in-person. Georama's customers include universities, hotels, industrial organizations, and more.
site tours

Site Tours & Inspections

Facilitate personalized live video site tours & inspections for key stakeholders, partners, or customers who can't visit in person.

campus tours

Campus Tours

Conduct live and interactive video campus tours for prospective out-of-state and international students who can't afford a visit.

educational tours

Educational Tours

Bring the outside world into the classroom through live, mobile, and interactive learning experiences for K-12 and Higher Ed.


Travel Tours

Georama’s tours revolutionize destination marketing by allowing prospective travelers to get an authentic sense of what it would be like to visit a destination.

Give Live HD Video Tours of Any Location!

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