Live Video Campus Tours for Prospective Students

LIVE Campus Tours

Campus visits are an extremely important part of a student’s decision making process. But not all prospective students can afford making a physical trip to all the colleges or universities they are considering (especially out-of-state and international students). Georama’s LIVE virtual campus tours solution offers the next best option to physically being there. Using Georama’s technology, your campus guides can provide live virtual tours to prospective students and parents anywhere in the world who can interact with your guides in real-time and ask questions. Showcase your campus, classrooms, dorms, facilities, neighborhood and more in a personalized, mobile, and interactive way, providing a preview of what it’s like to attend your institution. Georama’s solution provides the highest level of engagement, personalization, authenticity, and data, going far above and beyond static photos, produced videos, and panoramas. Colleges and universities benefit from being able to better translate their physical tours into the digital world, market to a larger audience in a personalized fashion, and increase out-of-state and international applications and enrollment.


How Does It Work?
Georama provides the hardware and software required to enable your campus guides to stream live virtual tours in HD quality to any website or device. The technology is very easy to use and can be turned on with just a couple buttons. Georama’s solution comes with a robust admin panel that allows you to schedule & manage tours, create customized surveys & polls, and view in-depth analytics. The tours are embedded into your website seamlessly with no development required on your end. All the live videos are recorded in high definition and made available for on-demand viewing.

Increase Enrollment and Promote Diversity!

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